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March 2015

Working on a piece titled Clepsydra as part of my Time Machines series.  The piece consists of a drum shaped "lifting mechanism" coupled with a text that slowly unwinds as the drum drops.  Based on a 17th C. water clock thought experiment this piece continues my preoccupation with "slow kinetics".


For this piece I'm collaborating with Minneapolis poet Michael Bazzett.  The text can be found in his collection

November 2014

Re-installed Sound Observations in my studio as part of the "Do-the-Dow" open studio event.  Great turnout and I was finally  able to capture some video of the performances.

Thanks to composer Eric Jensen and the performers -  Vocals by Tara Loeper, Joel Arpin on chimes & percussion, and Noah Ophoven-Baldwin on chimes & trumpet.

June 2014

So - Northern Spark happened - brutal weather, but the first instance of my Sound Observations installation. Thanks to those who helped - especially the performers and my wife, Pat.   Also thanks to all those who braved the weather and came out.  Here's one image from the event.


Time Machines1




March 2014

Some new initiatives:

Received MN State Arts Board Grant and a grant from the Midtown Greenway Coalition  to produce a sound/light installation for the Northern Spark Festival in June 2014.  More to come.


Continuing to develop slow kinetic pieces for a future interior installation to be titled "Time Machines".  I've completed one piece titled Cone of Time  (see link at right) and have several more in variuos stages of planning and development.





January 2014

This page is under continuous  development.  It is a space for examples of my more experimental follies & devices, unbuilt projects, and imaginary automata. It will also act as a link to my ongoing thoughts & opinions regarding noteworthy events & activities.  Stay Tuned.

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